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About Rhymulator
Whether it's iPhone or iPad from which your creative juices flow
Rhymlator is the app for wordsmiths on the go and in the know

Add pizzazz & razzmatazz to your next Song or Twitter post
Or perhaps rhyme sublime when you drink to your next killer toast

Formulate a Facebook update and watch "Likes" percolate
With this easy to use writing app, rhymes you'll conjugate

It uses advanced algorithmic linguistics
To arm your tongue with rhyme ballistics

With Technology that dynamically filters through 1.5 million words
You can smitten your audience, express yourself and be heard

No other rhyming tool will you ever need
Use it once and you'll declare "yes in deed!"

★ Write
Built-in editor lets you create and store writings for multiple projects

★ Reference
Rhymes. Synonyms. Antonyms. Dictionary.

★ Idea Bank
Find and store collected rhymes and words for each project

★ iCloud
Start writing on your iPhone and continue seamlessly on your iPad without transferring files.

★ Share
Post writings to Twitter, Facebook or share by email

★ Versatility
Write in Portrait and Landscape mode on both the iPhone and iPad

★Air Print
Print documents directly from your iPhone or iPad

★ Protection
Files are automatically backed up by iCloud so you'll never lose your work.

★ Security
Secure writings with passcode protection.

★ Internet Connectivity
Because of its massive database an internet connection is required for use.


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