Prompster Public Speaking App Released for Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Android Phones

February 4th 2011

Burlington, New Jersey - Independent app designer and developer Dante Varnado Moore today announces the release of the popular iPad public speaking app Prompster(™) for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and other Android powered devices. Prompster(™) is a professional public speaking app that smoothly tele-prompts easily readable text for audible presentations. It is the ideal app for practicing and delivering public speeches, lectures, and sermons. Prompster(™) can also be used for podcasts or for any scenario that requires a speaker to communicate with an audience using notes or a script.

Prompster(™) is designed to work in portrait view and is very easy to use. It has two modes: 'Edit' mode for writing and 'Prompt' mode for speaking.

In 'Edit' mode users can write and edit documents or import .txt documents from popular word processors like Microsoft Word via their SD card. Users can also copy-n-paste content from email or from any app on the device that contains text.

In 'Prompt' mode users can scroll text at variable speeds, adjust the speed and font size on the fly, and tap to start and pause scrolling text at anytime all while tracking elapsed time.

Prompster(™) is the ultimate teleprompter app for Android and has been optimized for the 3 most popular resolutions:

Tablet Devices with 1024x600 display
Droid Phones with either a  320x480 display or a 480x854 display

* Very intuitive and easy to use
* Includes a sample speech and tutorial for immediate use
* Create and edit documents
* Import .txt documents from popular word processors like MS Word
* Scroll text at variable speeds
* Tap to start or pause scrolling
* Track elapsed time
* Increase or decrease scrolling speed on the fly
* Increase or decrease font size on the fly
* Store all speeches in one app
* Export/Share speech via email
* Transfer document to and from computer with SD card

* Samsung Galaxy Tablets
* Android powered phones
* Display resolution of 1024x766, 480x854 or 320x480
* Android 2.0+
* 1.0 MB

"Apps like this one really do make the iPad a good business productivity tool." -

"When you first launch the app, the brilliance of the design will become apparent to you almost immediately as you will be confronted with a fantastic looking application." -

Prompster for iPad was featured in the book "Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies" by Bob LeVitus as one of the top business apps.


For a limited time Prompster for Android is being offered at an discounted price of $4.99, 50% off of its regular price of $9.99 USD and (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Android Marketplace. 

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