Perform for iPad - Organize, Read and Play Sheet Music In A Cool New Way

March 25th 2011

Burlington, New Jersey - Independent app developer Dante Varnado Moore is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Perform Pro 1.0, a professional sheet music organizer, reader and recorder designed specifically for the iPad.

Perform Pro is ideal for Orchestras, Bands, Choirs and individual musicians. It turns the iPad into a full-featured sheet music reader that offers musicians new and exciting ways to read music without ever taking their hands off of their instrument. Using "Auto Scroll" the app will smoothly scroll scores from page to page and score to score allowing musicians to focus on performing.

No more lugging around binders of scores from practice to concerts. Users can import and manage thousands of scores with ease and then arrange them into sets in the order in which they desire to perform them.

Musicians can capture practice sessions or live performances with the built in audio recorder and then share the songs via email or export them to their iTunes library on their Mac or PC.

Whether it's practice, auditions or concerts - performing will never be the same.

In Performance Mode User Can:
* Use "Auto Scroll" to smoothly scroll scores from page to page and score to score
* Use gestures to turn pages from left to right and from score to score
* Easily switch between "Auto Scroll" and "Page Turn" mode at anytime
* Use the visual or audio Metronome during practice sessions to improve timing
* Perform in Full Screen

With the Score Manager User Can:
* Organize and manage unlimited PDF sheet music scores
* Download free scores with built in browser and links to free PDF sheet music resources
* Transfer scores from Mac or PC through iTunes
* Import PDF scores from email
* Create unlimited "Set Lists" or folders to easily organize their score library
* Use Set Lists to arrange all of their songs in the desired order for a performance
* Search for particular scores with the built in search tool
* Delete, rename and copy scores from one "Set List" to another

With The Audio Recorder Users Can:
* Capture performances live or during practice sessions
* Record multiple takes of performances for comparison

Users Can Also Share Their Performances By:
* Exporting recordings to their Mac or PC using iTunes
* Emailing practice sessions to their instructor for feedback

With the revolutionary iPad and Perform Pro - organizing, carrying, reading and performing sheet music has never been easier.

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